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Travel Portals – Key For Planned Travel

What is a Travel Portal?

Before even talking about Travel Portal Development first one needs to understand what at all Travel Portal is.  A Travel Portal is a travel booking website which provides features like Travel Bookings (Flights and Rail bookings both).  The travel bookings are generally for both Domestic and International sector.  In addition to that the website also caters for Hotel Room bookings as well as car bookings.

Importance of a Travel Portal Development for a Travel Agency

Any travel agency which wants to excel in the long run needs to have a Travel Portal for all the needs mentioned above.  Not only has a travel agency to manage travel tickets but it also must manage itineraries.  All bookings that is flight bookings, rail bookings, Hotel Room bookings as well as car rentals are all integrated into the portal.  Apart from that there are various modules like Travel Insurance Modules, Airfare calendar, XML module, Visa & travel Info integration, Accounts module, Taxation module etc. which a travel agency needs in its day to day working.  Just imagine how complex the work of a travel agency would be in the absence of Travel Portals.

Who develops these Travel Portals?

This comprehensive package of travel solutions which is developed by specialised Travel Portal Development company with the technical know how and IT solutions capability.  These companies integrate these travel solutions with Amadeus GDS, Galileo GDS, Flight APIs, Hotel APIs, Bus APIs etc.  An API is an application programming interface which are the backbones of digital network of platforms.  There are a very few companies which are developing their Travel Portals internally.  Most of the companies globally are getting it done through professional travel portal development companies. 

These companies which develop the Travel Portals also help in third party tie ups.  The integration of the payment gateway into the travel portal is also done by these companies. 

Let us say the travel operator(agency) wants to look for a hotel in a city for its client who is going on a visit to the city.  The Travel Portal will search for hotels through its own inventory (CRS) andthe API of hotel will find the lowest tariff available within the hotels.  On selection of a hotel the portal will redirect towards the payment gateway for processing of further payment.

B2B and B2C Travel Portals

Technology always advances for the better.  Same is the case with Online Travel Portal Development. B2B (Business to business) travel portal is an online booking engine with modules for the help of Travel agencies related to flights, hotels, sightseeing, car transfers etc.  Such information is very useful for B2B clients to help them search and book online.  B2B travel portals can be integrated with various systems like Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport and third-party APIs.  Demand for these types of portals is increasing in India. Along with the list of services your travel partner can also access the pricing and price list for all services available on the B2B portal.  In India the demand of this portal is surging a lot.

B2C (Business to Customer) portal is again an online booking engine with flights, hotels, transfer, packaging modules etc with a facility to B2C clients to enable them search and book online.  B2C travel portal software can be integrated with leading systems like Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre and third-party APIs.


The main difference is that for bigger transactions with involvement of more people the B2B software is always better.  B2B is for agents and B2C is for clients.

Minimum training and maximum productivity

The best part about these Travel Portals is that minimum training is needed for the employees of Travel agencies.  This is because the entire applications are browser based.  The productivity of the employees is enhanced since the travel bookings, hotel bookings, car rental booking etc. become swift. 

Travel Portal Guru is a reputable travel portal development company on the horizon but is making a mark for itself in the travel industry.  We have made our own Travel Solution which is well integrated with third party APIs and XML.  It is well integrated with the payment Gateway.  Your business is surely going the gain global audience.  The easy and well-integrated browsability make it easy for the customer well informed at various levels of browsing.  This makes it easy for him to book services on the Travel software.  Travel Portal Guruhas developed the Travel portal with the sharp minds of experts who are a part of the company and possess wide ranging experience of not only in IT but also travel industry. 

We believe in the satisfaction of the clients.  Our work culture begins with the dictum that “Client is the king” and ends with the same dictum that “Client is the king”.

We are in the process of becoming pioneers in the field of Online Travel Portal Development.