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Our main purpose is to provide flawless innovative technologies to make conveniently accessible Internet booking engines for the travel and recharge companies.Technology has made its way everywhere. In day to day life as well as in big industries. Travelindustry couldn’t have survived without it. As everybody is on the Internet, they alwaysrely on it for services like flight booking, hotel booking, Bus booking,Recharge API etc.To find more customers and reach a much wider audience, Travel companies madetheir business online. By doing so, they have increased their sales as well as they havemade a brand rep for themselves. To provide complete portal solutions to business aswell as individuals, Mackerel Solution developed an idea to easy out and enhance webportal development. That idea shaped in the form of Travel Portal Guru. Travel PortalGuru emerged from a very basic idea and then it became a basic help for business. At Travel Portal Guru, we inspire businesses to go big and grow big. As taking yourbusiness online is a big headache, we are here to sort it out. Travel Portal Guru is anewly founded international travel portal development company powered by manysuppliers around the world. Our purpose is to give excellent innovative technologies totravel companies to make easily accessible internet booking engines. By doing so, wemake sure every traveler’s first thought is to check your company website at the time ofplanning to travel. With us, a company can make sure their customers stay with themfor a longer time. As we provide API, API Integration, web portal development, websitelogo, user login, etc, travel company need not worry about the competition in themarket. We are a team of crazy yet innovative developers and designers doing our jobwith sheer skills and dedication. By providing excellent professional services, we helptravel companies to attract more customers and also retain them for a longer time. Ourlogo makers are professional graphic designers who are well versed in logo design.They make sure your company’s logo is attractive as well as easy to recognize. TravelPortal Guru promises clients the best commission and boosted sales in the market. So,if you are starting new in the travel industry for the first time, don’t be stressed! We arehere to help you. We are the best Travel portal development company in India and APIprovider in India by developing quick functioning portals.We make sure every firstthought that comes at the time of travel planning in traveler’s mind is about yourcompany.

Some Contributors to Our Success

Travel Portal Guru Recharge API implements easier communication by combining manual effort and digital solution. The better mix of software programs ensures maximum benefit in a short time period to business. Travel Portal Guru professionals can evaluate what services you need in your recharge API and then integrate API into your website. Once your sales start going up, you will realize what recharge API is as important than any other API.

Recognition of Customer supremacy

As we are the market leader in travel technology, Travel Portal Guru is dedicated to providing exceptional quality in our services to endorse the long term customer satisfaction. Building a relationship with the customer is the center of- what we are. We embrace our client's vision for the business then endure the right design and deliver relevant and high-quality solution to make their vision accomplished. We are too focused on keeping our solution simple and affordable with the experience and expertise in travel technology solutions.

Quality Assurance

Travel Portal Guru delivers the quality assured product to our clients with a unique value proposition of -a single technology platform for travel technology. Our travel technology is of high quality and improves the success rate of the business. Travel Portal Guru is booking engine is designed to deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution with the highest revenue to the business that will create the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to provide quality travel technology with the reliability in different verticals whether it travels web portal development or APIs for different technology. We essence to provide the Highest satisfaction to our customers and clients


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