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What is a Travel Portal?

Before even talking about Travel Portal Development first one needs to understand what at all Travel Portal is.  A Travel Portal is a travel booking website which provides features like Travel Bookings (Flights and Rail bookings both).  The travel bookings are generally for both Domestic and International sector.  In addition to that the website also caters for Hotel Room bookings as well as car bookings.

Importance of a Travel Portal Development for a Travel Agency

Any travel agency which wants to excel in the long run needs to have a Travel Portal for all the needs mentioned above.  Not only has a travel agency to manage travel tickets but it also must manage itineraries.  All bookings that is flight bookings, rail bookings, Hotel Room bookings as well as car rentals are all integrated into the portal.  Apart from that there are various modules like Travel Insurance Modules, Airfare calendar, XML module, Visa & travel Info integration, Accounts module, Taxation module etc. which a travel agency needs in its day to day working.  Just imagine how complex the work of a travel agency would be in the absence of Travel Portals.

Who develops these Travel Portals?

This comprehensive package of travel solutions which is developed by specialised Travel Portal Development company with the technical know how and IT solutions capability.  These companies integrate these travel solutions with Amadeus GDS, Galileo GDS, Flight APIs, Hotel APIs, Bus APIs etc.  An API is an application programming interface which are the backbones of digital network of platforms.  There are a very few companies which are developing their Travel Portals internally.  Most of the companies globally are getting it done through professional travel portal development companies. 

These companies which develop the Travel Portals also help in third party tie ups.  The integration of the payment gateway into the travel portal is also done by these companies. 

Let us say the travel operator(agency) wants to look for a hotel in a city for its client who is going on a visit to the city.  The Travel Portal will search for hotels through its own inventory (CRS) andthe API of hotel will find the lowest tariff available within the hotels.  On selection of a hotel the portal will redirect towards the payment gateway for processing of further payment.

B2B and B2C Travel Portals

Technology always advances for the better.  Same is the case with Online Travel Portal Development. B2B (Business to business) travel portal is an online booking engine with modules for the help of Travel agencies related to flights, hotels, sightseeing, car transfers etc.  Such information is very useful for B2B clients to help them search and book online.  B2B travel portals can be integrated with various systems like Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport and third-party APIs.  Demand for these types of portals is increasing in India. Along with the list of services your travel partner can also access the pricing and price list for all services available on the B2B portal.  In India the demand of this portal is surging a lot.

B2C (Business to Customer) portal is again an online booking engine with flights, hotels, transfer, packaging modules etc with a facility to B2C clients to enable them search and book online.  B2C travel portal software can be integrated with leading systems like Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre and third-party APIs.


The main difference is that for bigger transactions with involvement of more people the B2B software is always better.  B2B is for agents and B2C is for clients.

Minimum training and maximum productivity

The best part about these Travel Portals is that minimum training is needed for the employees of Travel agencies.  This is because the entire applications are browser based.  The productivity of the employees is enhanced since the travel bookings, hotel bookings, car rental booking etc. become swift. 

Travel Portal Guru is a reputable travel portal development company on the horizon but is making a mark for itself in the travel industry.  We have made our own Travel Solution which is well integrated with third party APIs and XML.  It is well integrated with the payment Gateway.  Your business is surely going the gain global audience.  The easy and well-integrated browsability make it easy for the customer well informed at various levels of browsing.  This makes it easy for him to book services on the Travel software.  Travel Portal Guruhas developed the Travel portal with the sharp minds of experts who are a part of the company and possess wide ranging experience of not only in IT but also travel industry. 

We believe in the satisfaction of the clients.  Our work culture begins with the dictum that “Client is the king” and ends with the same dictum that “Client is the king”.

We are in the process of becoming pioneers in the field of Online Travel Portal Development.


travel portal

The internet has digitized the whole travel industry in the last two decades. With the introduction of net services, anyone siting anywhere, can easily access travel products and make use of it. This not only helped users but also helped, the client and third party to display its all range of services to the whole world. Earlier, because of a lack of access and information, a certain part of the population could benefit from the travel programs and its different packages. But now, masses are accessible to it with the help of a single click. Considering this as well as other businesses, the internet has changed the paradigm of the business equally and mode of offering service. A most common example is our own, Indian Railway. Until the app and website were launched, tickets were being sold at counters that lead to thousands of being stuck at that point, many also didn’t get the ticket, Since the introduction of website and app of Indian Railways, it recorded the highest ticket booking in the previous and current year. Thanks to the knowledge of computers and the internet that has enhanced user interaction and promoted the accessibility of users.


The web-based services and programs have brought such as Travel portal development a diverse range of products that leads to directly booking their tour and packages, thereby preventing the user interface with traveling agencies. The Internet has become an intermediate partner between, tourists and travelers service providers to such as extent that, this industry is projected to become a multi-million industry. For the development of these software’s and portals, there are specific companies and software managing companies which indulge and provide a module to develop specific travel portal, based on specific needs. 

with the help of travel portals you can easily get this information: 

  1. Company’s profile.
  2. Different options showing the purchase of ticketing.
  3. Business goals.
  4. Main packages with discounts and modification.
  5. All modes of travel, company supports
  6. All modes of payment, travel company provide
  7. Rules and regulations.


Certain Features which Travel portal offers:

  1. Booking air tickets with domestic as well as international airlines
  2. Booking cab, taxi services in case you want to acquire one
  3. Booking for accommodation with domestic as well as international hotels
  4. Booking for the charter plane, if somebody is looking forward to exclusive hotels and holiday packages.

Main advantages of Travel Portal Development for companies are:

  1. These portals are easy to use and launch for business
  2. Travel portals are highly flexible and offer a robust platform for operations.
  3. These portals are generally free for registration charges.
  4. For these types of service providers, finding clients for single and multiple destinations becomes easy through the number of services.


Most Advantages for the user in using Travel Portal are as follows:

  1. No need to visit the travel agent and service provider.
  2. No effort is required to choose and evaluate the travel services as, travel portals have their parameters through which constant inspection and regulation are done, to assess the quality and value of the trip and package offered.
  3. In the case of more than one or two, multiple systems providers, among all, the best price quote is given to the user.


These software systems are specialized in portal design, development, and integration of various testing and marking software’s which is ultimately developed and delivered to clients.

There are certain guidelines for travel portal software and ways how to make and improve travel portal :

  1. It is important to make a travel entrance as wide which is blasting as another one. For this, the front page should be made as exciting and attractive with the addition of colorful photos, videos of different travel goals that a company is following.
  2. Also, portals should be made with, not making it full with all pictures so that, no details come in and during the site opening time, it makes the site hang, making users deflect towards others.
  3. It is recommended to give data on a large number of goals in a short phasic manner. This not only keeps the user busy but also helps the user to view other thins on the portal.


These travel portals and solutions, standard ready and eager to assist the user with all web-based solutions, high-end graphics, internet advertising and also aiding in business promotions. 

These online portals are increasing in number and soon, they will have a platform of its own in the domain sector. Travel portal software not only increases user interface but also makes user customer base increase. Most of the online travel portals, nowadays which are launched, are successfully placed with their techniques and working ways on improving their customer relations. These online travel portals companies should keep in mind, that customer satisfaction, can be minimized if the user interface is broken. Thus focusing on user interface and always upgrading of newest technologies, will always improve and provide an advantage in bringing, customers together. Travel Portals play a major role in the day to day activities, engaging clients to bring ultimate services to clients. 


travel portal

Innovation in technology has acquired a progressive change in the world. A great deal of simplicity made the world free from the horrible travel process and a move towards million dollars for travel organizations. The travel business saw an enormous change which ends up feasible for the organizations to change the fantasy into the real world. The development of the travel business is legitimately identified with the innovation created by the travel innovation organization.


Innovation has made a magnificent world for voyagers as far as direction for traveling and reservation. The examinations demonstrate that technology alongside educational travel entry improvement is the explanation for the expansion in the quantity of individuals voyages each year. It has made gainful roads for travel organizations as far as cost decrease, working capacity, and brilliance towards consumer loyalty.


The expanded interest for innovation is the purpose of the presence of the travel innovation organization. The innovation giving organizations grows best programming and application for the travel business. The two gatherings get the benefit of cutting edge correspondence, booking, and extraordinary neighborliness. The utilization of innovation has decreased the expense of the human asset alongside more prominent client taking care of.


With the headway in innovation expanded the traffic on the travel portal software of the organizations. The objective behind the travel gateway advancement is better support of the client and picking up perfection in the client taking care of. The accommodation business and online trip specialists are presently been utilizing equipment and programming of more prominent pace which brought about the fast reservation.


The travel business spared their time and cost alongside addition incapacity. It is currently conceivable to deal with the record of each customer in the organization database. Innovation brings into reality a concentrated framework for the organization of a few branches at an alternate area around the globe. Each action of the voyager all through the adventure can be effectively overseen. Likewise, it gives the most ideal approach to engage an explorer on the adventure.


Resource Technology brought as a triumph trigger


Programming interface/XML combination is the advantage innovation brought for the travel of business achievement. The API mix in the booking engine of the organization uncovers an approach to get associated with the significant providers and approach helpful information from that point. Through the API key of a specific provider, an organization gets to get to. The travel business ends up ready to give data identified with flight, inn, transport to its clients.


By utilizing this benefit travel industry is making a colossal benefit. Cashless travel ended up conceivable because of innovation just which improve the travel experience an excess of degree. The travel business is the main business giving work a noteworthy piece of the populace. By giving business it is likewise contributing towards an improved expectation for everyday comforts and a general public. An individual can fill in as an online trip specialist at no expense by utilizing supported innovation.


How Travel Technology Improved Travel Process?


In numerous parts of our life innovation demonstrates its hugeness. The principal change travel innovation made is it turned into the purpose behind the less complex travel process by the travel portal development company in delhi. The travel innovation changed how we travel nowadays. A portion of the progressions is following.


Innovation in Technology is a purpose for simple travel


Travel is never again a mind-boggling task. Prior we have to go for all sort of desk work for even a short venture. The days are gone where we have to demonstrate the printed version of the tickets and reservation. The sky’s the limit through the electronic procedure by which an explorer can indicate electronically produced tickets. It expels the feverish of conveying all the fundamental archives in hard structure.


Innovation in Technology as the best travel control


Before an adventure explorer need to design his excursion as far as spending plan, transport to utilize, agreeable stay alternative and must get things done on the spot. Prior the individual couldn’t get information about every one of these things ahead of time. Presently innovation has opened up every one of the sources where the client can get the learning of everything.


Innovation in Technology as an approach to cover the voyage


Everyone who wants to travel consistently imparts their bliss to their friends and family. Innovation as cutting edge cameras and cell phones draw out the most ideal approach to catch every one of the minutes from the voyage.


Innovation in Technology as a method for correspondence


Innovation gives an approach to be in contact with our friends and family all through the adventure which made it a more secure procedure to travel. Presently a solitary status via web-based networking media is sufficient to get conceivable assistance from your known if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis.


travel portal

A promising travel portal is the precise need of travel administrator for arriving at tallness in the travel business. In any case, to build up an engaging travel portal require lots of effort and a lot of travel portal development costs. Here are a few highlights which makes travel website more engaging for the end-clients:-

Simple Exploration Filters

A definitive point of a travel portal development is to enable consistent services to their clients and create more deals. The less they have to put on your site the more intrigue they will take. An astounding get-away bundle can be made distinctly with the correct highlights, for example, easy channels. So simply make the procedure straightforward for your clients.

Prediction Feature

Travel portal development will turn out to be very straightforward for the end-client to book any ticket or bundle on the web if the prediction feature is there. This is the crucial feature as it is supported by a large part of the clients. The greater part of the tour operators or agents utilizes this to coordinate with the client what they are searching for. This can be a hotel, flight, and car, and so forth.

Appealing Pictures and Videos

With the expanding travel needs the dependence on the travel website.Utilization of alluring pictures and recordings on the website here and there pulls in more client. Individuals may choose to go by looking at pictures and recordings. Consequently, it is important to utilize proper substance on the portal. This will eventually help in picking up the trust of explorers.

GPS Integration

Everybody knows the significance of GPS in current time. It is practically similar to the following tourist guide. Best entrance improvement organizations must join GPS on their travel portal. This aids in estimating precise distance and time to be taken by the unique vehicle.

Payment portal Integration

With loads of time in payment, various models have been developed. Giving the client countless choices serve ease to them. They discover ease in doing payment from somewhere else. This is a significant piece of travel entry advancement as at last the business page is directed for definite installments. Additionally, it builds a long term relationship with the client.

What more can be contributed in Travel Portal Development?

The worldwide picture is the need of every business all around the world. Which incorporates travel organizations also. To show the presence in the market, it is required to have a broadly incorporated travel portal advancement.

Programming interface/XML reconciliation is getting profoundly huge for travel portal development. XML is utilized with the reason to make content increasingly meaningful by the machines and end-client too.

XML is working normally dependent on the open standard which is used to word and transmit data further to different devices connected in the network. The motive behind API/XML integration is to create ease in dealing with the website of the organization. It is exceptionally beneficial for your business. Maybe a couple of them are recorded beneath.

Multi-stage Assistance

It doesn’t make any difference what sort of device you are utilizing XML as it performs well in each sort of device. XML enables access to information from the backend information of the travel business if there will be any change in the structure.

You can accept XML as a language converter as it comprehends an end number of programming languages and configurations/formats. It isn’t required to state that it is utilized for creating Travel websites, Matching hotel rates, Booking a car, and Flight reservation, and so is the travel portal development cost.

Complete Personalization

The travel portal personalization is exceptionally important for the organizations to draw more traffic. The client may lose their enthusiasm if they think that it’s not engaging. As XML underpins each gadget and projects it to empower the portal to customize its API right away. For instance, The entry offers heaps of alternative in payment mode. The client can pay by any method of their comfort.

Personalization enables an organization to speak to their business progressively alluring to the end-client. It can just occur through appropriate data in the best format. Greater adaptability in service is very sought after among clients.

Secure Expense And Time

The API made on XML proof takes lesser time and sources. The explanation for lesser establishment cost is it works dependent on open standards. Open standards can be used quickly. Additionally, it is easy to consolidate XML API with your portal.

Multi-Party Integration

The XML API incorporation permits different gathering reconciliation right away. The travel part, for the most part, includes API of the lodging, flight, travel, transport and significantly more. The most useful thing about it you can control diverse APIs from one arrangement. This eventually ensures your work span and means.


This is perceived as the best way to make an API for web-based travel entrances. Achieving a tremendous deal become conceivable through web-based advertising implies. The incorporation, at last, gives you dish to the guideline information archive. This further gives your client refreshed and required data gives both end security. The different gatherings embed their information into the vault which becomes simple to deal with for them.

Extra Advantages

Aside from these advantages, the XML API has some different beneficial points moreover. For instance, you can without much of a stretch to foresee the profits on your speculations and select the most gainful of them. This thing made it obligatory for the organizations to join XML API with all kind of travel portals.


Travel portal advancement requires XML API joining to get proficiency whole. It isn’t viewed as whether you are B2B or B2C organization. An organization which plays out all these valuable capacities should be master in this sort of services.


travel portal

GDS refers to Global Distribution System which is an automated network which is to be held or executed by an organization. The system authorizes issues among the traveler part and providers, for example, Airline, accommodation, transport, and tour operator agents.

A large part of the travel businesses is completely reliant on GDS for getting the real-time database. The GDS permits travel organizations and travel portal development company to gather information of carrier, lodging accessibility, tickets accessibility in other transport, for example, transport or vehicle and admission, and so forth. Through API reconciliation alongside GDS, for example, Saber, Amadeus in the booking engine it is conceivable to get information from a few providers.

Crucial Features Of GDS(Global Distribution System)

  • GDS is in allocating real-time data with the travel business.
  • Keeps the record of what the client is searching for.
  • GDS guarantees all the booking and distribution of tickets.
  • Upkeep of sales record of hotels or aircraft booking.
  • Aides in keeping up solid managerial control for the travel organizations.

GDS was advanced from flight booking collective effort which is currently extended to own business alongside with the starting of new output most explicitly hotel convenience.

Commonly Used GDS

Amadeus-: Amadeus is one of the acclaimed GDS suppliers nowadays. Loads of all-inclusive travel organizations and travel portal software companies are utilizing this GDS to get data about the carrier business, lodging industry, journey industry and other information identified with the movement. Over the most recent couple of decades, Amadeus GDS has gained incredible ground and exceed expectations as the best travel data compiler all through the world.

Sabers-: Saber is the biggest maker of the worldwide dispersion framework for flight booking framework in North America. It was presented in the year 1960. It was bought by Texas Pacific Group and Silver Lake Partners in the year 2007. Perhaps the best gd supplier for the cordiality business which guarantees huge development.

Merger Of GDS For Travel Companies And Distributor Of Travel Solution

This is the need of great importance for a travel organization to get very much linked with GDS.

GDS satisfies the data required for travel organizations. An association with GDS requires to concur with the organization. The Global Distribution System(GDS) authorizes travel organizations to give an end number of appealing travel arrangements and pertinent information to their clients, at reasonable costs. The travel innovation organization bargains in GDS incorporation in the booking engine framework or travel entryway of the organization.

It is important to have these characteristics in a GDS. The explorer gets all sort of travel bundles on the travel gateway of the organization. Each data identified with the settlement and the leased taxi ought to be available on the movement entrance or reservation framework. Increasingly achievable data will draw in more clients. A GDS presents incredible adaptability in checking accessible lodgings together with the current toll, concessions, room class, and luxuries like web network and different interests of voyagers.

The organization or the travel portal development company can scan for the great travel innovation organization to choose an ideal GDS according to organization necessity. There are a few GDS suppliers accessible in the IT showcase. The organization can pick or change their GDS supplier whenever. For transforming they have to drop the initiation of current GDS and select with another.

Cost of Introducing GDS

To introduce a Global Distribution System(GDS) in the booking engine of an organization or by travel portal software company you have to bear the expense. The expense includes the establishment or sets up cost and a month to month cost per booking.

Future of Global Distribution System

The GDS is a solid advantage for acclimatizing travel substance and it should be improved significantly more. The advance in mobile innovation and wide web network are scrutinizing the long haul presence of GDS. The utilization of GDS is diminishing according to the static between the year of 2005 and 2011.

The flight carrier business is moving towards a moderate and direct network with the shopper to stay away from GDS cost.

GDS these days are intending to obtain backend of the flight business and have been attempting to get a round of the least expensive provider. If GDS satisfies the dynamic interest of cutting edge travel improvement for aircraft division then the odds of presence are high generally there is a risk to GDS suppliers.


travel portal

We live in a period of technological advancement. The travel industry is likewise embracing innovation, with the goal that they can ride over their opposition, in this profoundly aggressive environment. As an outcome, the travel organizations have concocted a simple yet creative answer for the advancement of their organizations on the web, that is with a travel website improvement programming. This is an exceptionally adaptable and mechanized approach to control your online travel agency(OTA).

Other than the cost included, it is important to incorporate your travel entryway with GDS/API Integration.Travel portal development company have to comprehend the approaches to incorporate your travel entry advancement programming and the Cost of GDS/API Integrations?”


What are the Ways to configure your Travel Portal Development Software?

Working with the Suppliers

Your OTA can get to the providers of flights, lodgings and other rental administrations for vehicles transport just as occasion bundles by straightforwardly getting to these providers and getting incorporated with numerous Global Distribution Systems(GDSs).

Working with the Aggregators

The aggregators furnish you with united information from various specialist co-ops. Along these lines, your OTA gets profoundly focused rates.

Utilizing a Saas based Platform

On the off chance that you have a shorter time to advertise your administrations and items, it is regularly shrewd of you to go for travel stages which are cloud-based and all that is required of you is to designate a rundown of suppliers. This kind of arrangements can essentially dispatch your site, inside a couple of moments. They work in both B2B and B2C modes.

The Cost of the Travel Portal Integrations

Thus, since you have chosen to build up a travel website development before you start with the venture, you should be clear about the cost factors & travel portal development cost while setting up a travel organization for your online travel office (OTA).

The online travel entry for your business will have a travel office booking engine on its landing page. For the travelers who visit your travel website, the booking engine legitimately gets associated with the GDS and afterward displays the ongoing information toward the front. The expense of a travel website improvement with GDS/API combinations is subject to a few components.

The decision of the t-trade Platform

 Any travel website can be subject to different kinds of flight booking engine, lodging booking engine and different dependencies on vehicles, travels, occasion bundles, and so on. You should know about the cost required for any of these dependencies given to your Online Travel Agency. 

Flight Booking Engine  

This is the booking engine for flights with incorporations with GDS or Consolidators. Programming interface/GDS is a system that sets up an association between the outsider and the booking operators. The flight booking framework is by and large connected with XML mixes. It is the API/GDS that gives make a trip related administrations to the end-clients.


Hotel Booking Engine

This engine is associated with every driving provider of lodgings. They can change over the end-client demands into appointments and create the main concern for your OTA. The OTA will have an XML coordination and will get information from the carriers GDSs which thusly are associated with bigger chains of inns. The expense of a base level structure of a lodging booking engine brings about an expense of 5k to 7k USD. Be that as it may, a multi-specialist co-op booking engine produces higher income for your travel business. Along these lines, for including every one of the modules, for example, journey/vehicle or transport rentals it costs your business around 3K to 5K USD.


Car Booking Engine  

The Car booking engine will be coordinated with different vehicle rental providers, who will bring continuous inventories from the providers, at the most ideal charges made accessible to the end-clients.

The expense of building up a travel office the board programming is additionally subject to the cost dependent on the methods for incorporation as referenced before by us. The travel portal development cost builds, beginning from the providers up to the Saas based stages however there is a reduction in an opportunity to showcase the item.

Key takeaways:

So, these are the factors that play an influential role in making an online travel portal nice and working. Hence, when you go out to hire the best travel portal development company, you must make sure that you know “how much does it cost to make a travel website”.

Hope it helps!

If you need any kind of help regarding the best travel portal developer, feel free to contact us for a quote from the same.